Micro Scalp/ Micro pigmentation

Micro Scalp/ Micro pigmentation

By using this method, those places which are bald with various reasons, such as surgery, or blow, or ... will be filled.

Micro Scalp/ Micro pigmentation


By using this method, those places which are bald with various reasons, such as surgery, or blow, or ... will be filled. The pigmentation method is used for men in the form of a dot/spot, and if it comes to the hair where it is, it is done in the form of a hatching, but in women it is used more than the hair simulation technique.

Micro scalp, (generally head area is called the scalp) is filling the empty areas of the head with pigment, which is a dot/spot for men, and if it ends at the point where the hair is, the dots become to hatching. In addition to hair hatching, eyebrows will be done as well and have beautiful results. But for women, simulation technique (hair-by-hair) techniques are used in low back portions.


Differences between Micro scalping and micro pigmentation:

Other names are also used for micro scalp such as micro pigmentation, scalping, head scalp, hatching, head hatching, head tattoo, or head pigment ... Scalp or micro pigmentation does not have age and gender restrictions. This is done also for both women and men. 



Micro Scalp Application:


*Cover the bald and bare parts of the hair.

*Cover the scars resulting from the surgery or scar from the fracture on the *head or eyebrows
*hide a burn, scar, or prenatal
*eliminating the stitches after hair transplantation or any type of scar on the head

*Further enhance the visual effect after hair transplantation*Hiding or covering a variety of scars, such as surgery scar, or result of *accidents and any old wounds.



Types of microscope tip

The scalp head or SMP method is performed both with the micro-pigmentation device and the roll. The daintiness of the micro is more than the roll because it shades the empty areas by putting dots near and far together.

The only advantage of roll method is the large volume of work at regular intervals, which in any case is preferred not to be regular, and for those who have hair and will be covered empty areas under the hair, it speeds up the operation.



Micro scalp post-Care

After the micro scalp should not be taking bath for up to 3 days, no pool or sauna should be used nor exposed to intense sunlight. After 3 days, you can use a baby shampoo to wash, and since the scalp produces oil automatically, ointment should not be used extensively.



Scalp Time

Scalp or micro pigmentation takes 2 to 5 sessions, each session lasts 2 to 4 hours, the whole process takes about 5 months.



Using pigmentation instead of hair transplant

This method can be used to simulate the hair, such as eyebrows, beards and mustaches or heads. The most important thing is to cover the areas of bald head and cover the wound caused by surgery or fracture scar on head or eyebrow, increasing the visual effect after hair transplantation, which is a complement to the planting, pigmentation of the head 2 to 5 sessions, each session takes 2 to 4 hours. , The whole process takes about 5 months. Special care after this method, lack of bathing, sauna for up to 3 days and not being exposed to direct sunlight. Micro pigmentation or medical tattoo means implantation of the pigment under the skin. This technique, which is common in the permanent makeup of the eyebrows, eyelids and lips, is also effective in hiding baldness or back-up of head hair and covering scars. For micro-pigmentation, the scalp uses a combination of dark colors to cover the space between the hair , to show fully hair. In this method, drawing small colored dots or narrow-haired lines, a hair-like pattern is created in the area of ​​baldness that is not even recognizable from near-distance from natural hair.



How Scalp Micro pigmentation will be done?(SMP)

Micro-pigmentation or medical tattoos means implantation of pigments on the skin. This will be done with a special device with topical anesthetic.
Micro pigmentation device has a delicate needle that moves at a high speed, and each needle is ejected from the epidermis and inserts a small amount of color into the skin, which appears as a small dot screen.

A lot of colored dots appear alongside a picture that looks like normal hair. It should be noted that micro-pigmentation does not damage the hair because the depth of penetration of the needle and the place of accumulation of color is more sublime than the location of the hair’s root follicles.



Scalp Micro pigmentation’s Advantages (SMP)


Micro pigmentation is a good permanent alternative to the topic powder, because the topic powder does not have the stability and beauty of micro processing and its daily using for sure become boring.

The SMP method uses high quality and safe colors and the skin sensitivity is low, and because of the use of sterile needles and throwaway cartridges, there is no risk for transmission of infections such as hepatitis or AIDS.



Scalp Micro pigmentation’s limitation:


The scalp tattoo will become less intense over time and will require repair or repetition after several years. The durability of the tattoo varies depending on the type of scalp and the type of color used from one year to five years, but always remains a shade of color, and patients know that at the age of the hair with white hair they should color their hair to not reveal the tattoo color.



The difference between Micro pigmentation and hair transplant:


Micro pigmentation is one of the techniques of recent decades to create a quasi-natural state in areas that require a similar color to natural elements of the body, such as hair-eyebrows, beards and mustache-chest, as well as the elimination of tattoos in some cases...

But hair transplanting is a natural way to create natural hair on areas that have baldness. Some believe that the micro scalp is a new way of transplanting hair, and there are some ads in this area.